Wristwatch Walkie Talkie

Wristwatch Walkie Talkie
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Product Description

Walkie Talkies are 2-way radios that presents a great way to keep in constant touch with members of your party, whether on an outdoor adventure, vacation, road trip or at a crowded shopping mall or amusement park. With the ability to talk, hear and ring other radios within range, they are a lot like having a short-range cell phone - except without the usage fees and contracts. This set of 2 wrist watch style radios allows communication with a range up to 2 Miles in clear outdoor setting. Or, for indoors, it can also be used like a wireless intercom in and around the home to call someone out in the yard or on the far side of the house. Lithium-Ion Rechargeable battery and charger are included.

Flex&Talk Operation
#Wrist Watch Style in Smart fashion
#22 Channels Operating at 5.2MHz up to 2 Miles Range!
#Backlit LCD screen. LCD Display with Clock/Time Display like a real watch!
#Hands-free VOX Voice-Activated Operation!
#Automatic channel scanning
#Output power(TX):0.35W ERP maximun
#Power source:3.7V lithium-ion battery
#Automatic power saving
#Accessories:rechargeable battery,charger,user manual
# 2 pcs