skype/voipbuster/voipstunt voipdiscount/voipcheap/internetcalls adapter with call forwarding

skype/voipbuster/voipstunt  voipdiscount/voipcheap/internetcalls adapter with call forwarding
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This usb adapter(B3G) works with skype, Voipbuster, VoipStunt, Voipdiscount, VoipCheap, internetcalls, Freecall, NetAppel and SparVoip, MSN Messenger.

While you are out, this usb adapter will forward all incoming skype/voipbuster/voipstunt/voipdiscount/voipcheap calls to your mobile phone, and it can forward your PSTN calls to skype, you can make calls to skype/voipbuster/voipstunt/voipcheap contacts and make calls to any phone all over the world by your mobile phone. You can take advantage of skype/voipbuster/voipstunt/voipdiscount/voipcheap anywhere and anytime.

This usb adapter(B3G) has many functionalities, such as In-call switching, conference calling, call forwarding, and toll bypassing, voice mail and so on.


Feature A: While you are out

1.this usb adapter can forward all incoming skype/voipbuster/voipstunt/voipdiscount calls to your mobile phone automatically (local PSTN phone fee).

2.It can forward incoming skype/voipbuster/voipstunt/voipdiscountvoipcheap calls to any phone even if the phone number is not setup (local PSTN phone fee).

3.Forward the PSTN calls to skype/voipbuster/voipstunt/voipdiscount/voipcheap, you can make calls to skype contacts and make calls to any phone all over the world.

4.Make/Receive the skype/voipbuster/voipstunt/voipdiscount/voipcheap calls by your company's PBX

5.Answering machine function built-in.

Feature B: While you are near PC

1.Make/Receive both VoIP calls and regular PSTN calls

2.Auto-detection and auto-switch to VoIP or PSTN calls

3.Phone rings for all incoming VoIP and PSTN calls

4.VoIP or PSTN calls selected by phone key (*)or (**)

5.Dial using the phone keypads

6.PC-to-PC, PC-to-phone, Phone to Phone operation

7. you can make skype/voipbuster/voipstunt/voipdiscount/voipcheap call and landline call at the same time.


1.No external power required

2.USB and PSTN line LED indicator

3.Driver and sound card built-in

4.Echo Cancellation, noise reduction by hardware solution

5.Dimension: 5(inch) * 3(inch) * 1.4(inch)


1.1 USB interface to PC

2.1 FXS for regular phone

3.1 FXO for PSTN call relays

4.Relay Deactivated on Power Fail

System requirement

1.Windows 2000 or XP or Vista

2.400 MHz processor and free USB1.1 or USB2.0 port

3.128 MB RAM and 15 MB free disk space

4.Internet Connection (33.6 Kbps modem, or any broadband: cable, ADSL.)

SkypeMate software, User Manual for skype

Driver for VoipBuster & VoipStunt &VoipDiscount & VoipCheap & Freecall & internetcalls & NetAppel & SparVoip(Windows) (Updated on May 2 07);

Download MSNmate for MSN Messenger(Released on May 2 07)

Download X-TenMate for X-Lite & EyeBeam(Released on May 2 07), User Manual for X-Lite/Eyebeam/Vonage,

Download Driver for Net2Phone (Windows) (Released on May 2 07),

Download Driver for Nortel IP Softphone i2050 (Windows) (Released on May 2 07),

User Manual