1.I am a skype user, why skype always turns off when I hang up my phone?
It is because your skype parameter "CloseToTray" have set to FLASE. Please download and run file Skypefix.exe, it will close Skype, and modify parameter "CloseToTray", then you can startup skype, it should be work well.

2.I am a skype user, and I use USB Telbox (USB-B2K), when I want to make a SkypeOut call, it need dial plus(+), but I don't know how to dial from regular phone
You can dial "00" to replace with "+".

3.When I connect the USB Phone to the computer it tells me "This device can perform faster This USB device can perform faster if you connect it to a Hi-Speed USB 2.0 Port, For a list of available ports click here".
Don't care about it. All models of USB Phone are compatible with USB 1.1 & USB 2.0 protocol.

4.After installing SkypeMate software on a machine running Windows ME I get the following alert: A required .DLL, MFC42U.DLL was not found and the program doesn' start.
SkypeMate doesn't support windows 98/ME.

5.I am not able to hear any sound through the earphone?
Please execute ¡°Control Panel->Sound and Video () ->Audio¡±, set Sound Playback and Sound Recording's preference device to your sound card.

6. I can¡¯t play music through the USB Phone?
Please execute ¡°Control Panel->Sound and Video () ->Audio¡±, set Sound Playback and Sound Recording¡¯s preference device to ¡°USB Audio Device¡±. e.g. Use USB Adaptor to play music: After setting as memtioned above, off hook, press "*" or "**" to switch to USB channel, press any key to cancel the dial tone, then you can listen to the music clearly.

7.I can't use "C" or "<-/->" keys on the phone to switch the Skype Tab.
Make sure the driver you are using is 2.0.x.86 or above. Make sure the option "View->View Addressbar" on Skype is selected.

8.I want to use my sound card to play the ring when a call comes in.
Go to SkypeMate install directory, e.g. "C:\Program files\SkypeMate", access the folder "Resource", then open the file "Custom.ini", change "bPlaySkypeRingToDevice =1" to "bPlaySkypeRingToDevice =0"