Optical USB Skype Mouse

Optical USB Skype Mouse
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Product Description

With high quality USB audio feature, this optical USB Skype Mouse can also be used as a mini computer hi-fi speaker to play music. Moreover, when you flip the cover of the mouse, the fully functional keypad and the LCD screen inside can help you make/receive VoIP calls even easier. No doubt it is the best PC companion for you to surf the Internet and enjoy various popular VoIP services.


As a mouse:

  • 1.5m USB cable (USB 1.1)
  • 800 dpi optical sentor
  • Size: 55*30*25mm

As a Hi-Fi Speaker:

  • Crystal clear sound quality
  • 48 KHz sampling rate
  • Supplied earphone to protect your privacy.

As a VoIP Phone:

  • Auto detection between mouse and VoIP phone
  • Seamlessly integrated with Skype, VoipButser, VoipStunt, VoIPCheap, VoipDiscount, SparVoip, Internetcalls, poivY, WebCallDirect, VoipCheapCom, FreeCall and NetAppel.
  • Monochrome 128*64 pixel LCD with backlight. Supports all kinds of languages
  • VoIP Contact List, Call List, Call history, time, and caller ID display on LCD screen
  • Hands-free speakerphone function
  • Various chord music ring tones catering to different tastes.
  • Fully functional keypad and LCD screen enables you to make/receive calls without using keyboard and mouse.
  • Rings loudly on an incoming call.
  • Acoustically isolated earpiece and microphone to eliminate echo.
  • Full-duplex communication with crystal clear voice.

Download Driver for USB Mouse (Windows).