Nozzle Cleaning Liquid

Nozzle Cleaning Liquid
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Product Description

It is a print head cleaner, for clogged nozzles and printer head cleaning Nozzle Cleaning Liquid enables the cleaning and maintenance of print heads. Epson heads can be cleaned using positive-negative pressure for greater efficiency.

Nozzle Cleaning Liquid is an innovative product that eliminates even the most stubborn ink deposits on print heads.

This product breaks down ink, but will not harm copper or plastic.

For Epson brand printers, it is possible to unclog blocked nozzles without dismantling the machine, thanks to the flexible applicator provided with the kit.

Print head cleaning works equally well with black as with coloured ink.

Works with all bubble jet and piezo printers, that is Canon, Epson, Hewlett Packard printers

Capacity: 32ml
Caution:Keep it in the darkness and don't drink it.

1)Press the ink button, then the print heads will move to the replacement position. Take the power cable out.
2) Take the cartridges out of the printer.
3) Draw some cleaning liquid from the bottle using syringe.
4) Use the tube connecting to the syringe to cover one ink inlet.
5) Syringe 1-2 ml cleaning liquid into the ink inlet.
6) Repeat 3-5 to the other ink inlets.
7) Install the cartridges back. Dip the ink inlets in this cleaning liquid about 8 hours. Please do not turn the power on during these hours.
8) After this, turn on the printer and run the head cleaning and nozzle test.
9) Do this cleaning operation for at least 1-2 months. It can protect your print head.

If the print head is clogged and you could not make it work, please do as follows:

Use the tube on the top of syringe to cover one ink inlet, hold the print head with the tube in place with your hand, inject(slowly) 2ml cleaning liquid into the ink inlet, then withdraw the cleaning liquid (for the flushing effect). Please repeat several times, wait for several hours, This problem will be solved.