Digital Mug Heat Transfer Machine

Digital Mug Heat Transfer Machine
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Product Description

1. Solid Steel Welded Framework
2. Mug size adjustment knob
3. Replacable Heater element
4. State-of-the-art Digital Control system
5. Work Size: 63, 75, 81 cm
6. Heavy Duty Design
7. Easy to load with plenty of room to maneuver the mug
8. Vertical loading and unloading capabilities
9. Adapts instantly for most mugs on the market
10. Built-in silicone pad prevents ruined transfers
11. Padded handle to prevent user fatigue
12. Easy exterior pressure adjustment - allows you to heat press images on many types of mugs with the most difficult transfers
13. Digital time and temperature readout with Auto Reset Timer
14. Beeping alarm alerts you when to remove the decorated mug
15. Rapid heat up from idle temperature to operating temperature
16. Idles at preset temperature until you're ready to print ĘC saves energy and protects the mug heater
17. Accurate top-to-bottom heating
18. Continuous wrap with maximum print capacity
19. Prints CLC, Dye & True Sublimation
20. 1 year warranty - parts and labor
21. Heating element 1 year warranty
22. Two sizes: 5.0-7.5cm, 7.5-9.0cm


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