HP 5000/5500 Decoder

HP 5000/5500 Decoder
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Product Description

Specification: HP company added an encrypt counting chip to spray-painting printer, so its cartridge is disposable and only dye inks produced by HP company can be employed. Therefore, there is no use for other compatible dye inks. The original prices for dye inks produced by HP Company are more than ten times dearer than dye inks of other brands.Our company developed this external-hanging style electronic card in order that users could have broader choices of better dye inks whose performances are as good and prices much lower.

Notes Prior to Use: 1) Turn off the printer before you use it. Then open the cover in the back of the dye ink cartridge. Detach the printer's long data line from the seat of the ink cartridge. Connect it with the electronic card. where there is a self-installed data line to be linked to the ink cartridge. 2) The inner packing of the intelligent electronic card cannot be dismantled. The inbuilt program will get lost once it is opened and the card will become useless. Technological Consultations and a half-a-year guarantee period are provided for the intelligent encrypt card of our company.

Note: 1) The card cannot be used together with other electronic cards. 2) The dye ink capacity in the display panel of the HP5000 will indicate the 100 percent state when the printer is turned on after it was turned off. 3) In the case of program troubles (have not occurred so far), all you need to do is to turn off the printer. The electronic card will resume to its original position. The dye ink capacity in the display panel of the HP5000 will indicate the 100 percent state when the printer is restarted. 4) There should also be the dye ink cartridge (a disposable one will do) in the dye ink cartridge seat in the refitted HP5000 Spray Drawing Printer that is a huge ink provider. If it is not refitted, users should pay attention to the dye ink capacity. When it is used up, without any indication the electric card will still be useful. 5) By disposable dye ink cartridge we mean the dye ink cartridge whose chip is burned or the chip counter reads Empty. It does not refer to any physical destructions or damages of the cartridge.