Flat Heat Transfer Machine

Flat Heat Transfer Machine
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Product Description

Upward opening heat transfer machine with adjustable loading pressure
Constructed with solid steel welded frame and die cast heating plate with enamel overcoat exterior for superior durability and ruggedness for years of trouble-free performance,
Hardened high-strength pivot points,
38cm x 38cm(15" x 15"), 40cm x 50cm(16" x 20"), 40cm x 60cm (16in x 24in) heat platen/surface,
Manual Time and temperature Control- auto reset digital timer (up to 999 sec) and Thermometer for heat platen temperature,
Heat-resistant silica-gel rubber based mat designed to withstand 300 degrees,
Heat indicating light,
Operation instructions included

This heat transfer machine can be used for t-shirts, mouse mats, jigsaw puzzles, door hangers, ceramic tiles, ID badges, coasters, placemats and just about every other flat surface item you may want to use dye sublimation for

Technical Specifications
15"x15" heavy duty
Digitally Controlled
Adjustable temperature (+/-1deg)
Input Voltage: ~110V
Heating time (200): 3 minutes
Input Power: 1800w
Item Size: 74cm x 68cm x 60cm
Temperature: off-399C
Timer: 0 - 999 seconds
Weight: 30kg
Automatic Alarm
Pressure adjusted easily
Press opens a full 40 for easy placement of products

Put a T-shirt in the machine. put the printed sublimation paper on the t-shirt properly.

1. Get ready on the power, press the power button , the indicator is lighted!

2. Adjust the temperature (170~190) and time (about 8 seconds). When the temperature reaches the right degree, the indicator on the top of the temperature-adjuster switch off.

3. Put the heating flat down (please note the right surface of the paper). Please note that the pressure should be no too much, or too little!

4. When the temperature gets to the set time, the buzzer rings (please turn off the button and raise the handspike and take out the t-shirt.

5.Take off the paper from the t-shirt a.s.a.p. if too slow, the paper will stick to the t-shirt, and hard to get off. Then put the printed t-shirt into water for a while. Now an individual t-shirt is made by you!


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