Finger Pulse Oximeter, Oxygen saturation monitors, CMS-50D, CMS50D, Oxygen Meter

Finger Pulse Oximeter, Oxygen saturation monitors, CMS-50D, CMS50D, Oxygen Meter
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Product Description

Oxygen saturation monitors, Finger Oximeter, Oxygen Meter, Oxygen Meters, Oxygen Level Meter, CMS-50D,CMS50D

FDA 510k Approved
Free case included
Free landyard
Free batteries(AAA 1.5V x 2)

* Integrated with SPO2 probe and processing display module.
* Can be used in: hospital, home, community medical treatment,sports healthcare, etc.
* Can measure SPO2 and PR accurately
* SPO2 and PR display, PR waveform and bargraph display
* Battery voltage low indication
* Four directions and six modes, Color OLED 6 Direction Display
* Four levels adjustable brightness
* Low power consumption; shut off automatically when no signal
* Small volume(57(L) * 31(W) * 32(H) mm)?light,convenient to carry
* Can work more than 30 hours continuously

Technical Parameters
* 1.3' double Color OLED display, resolution 160*64
* SPO2 measuring range: 35-100%
* Pulse Ratio:30-254 BPM
* Pulse Waveform display: bargraph display
* Battery indication: OLED display
* Power: 1.5V(A A A size )Alkali Batteries*2
* Interference resistance capacity against ambient light and measurement performance at low perfusion
* Adaptable range:2.6V-3.6V
* Working current:<=25mA
* Resolution: SPO2 : 1% Pulse Rate: 1bpm
* Accuracy: (+/-)2% (70%-99%), unspecified (<70%) for SPO2, (+/-)2BPM or(+/-)2% (select larger) for pulse ratio
* Measurement at Low Perfusion: The values of SPO2 and pulse rate can be displayed properly when pulse saturation is at 0.4%.
* Resistance to surrounding light: Deviation is smaller than (+,-)1% between value of Oxyhemoglobin measured in natural lighting indoor condition and present lighting sources and that measured in dark room.
* Automatic shutdown function:The device will power off automatically within 5 seconds when there is no finger in the device. I.When working,the display direction can be changed by pressing the button shortly.There are six modes of direction. J.In working irem,long press can change the lighteness of the screen.