Ultrasound Fetal doppler heartbeat Angelsounds JPD-100S4

Ultrasound Fetal doppler heartbeat Angelsounds JPD-100S4
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Product Description

Ultrasound Fetal doppler monitor, Jumper AngelSounds, fetal heartbeat monitor,baby heart monitor, with LCD

1.split-type design: separate design between host and probe to be convenient for finding the place of fetal heart sounds
2.power with dry batteries AAA
3.the probe taking the principal of fetal ultrasound to collect the fetal heartbeat(embryocardia) signals of fetus
4. LCD shows fetal heart rate.
5. Function:
--a) Acquire the fetal heartbeat signals from fetus, broadcast the fetal heartbeat sound through headphones or host embedded rock.
--b) Can broadcast music.
--c)can record real time fetal sound and replay
--d) LCD shows fetal heart rate
--e) Can be used singly and also transmit the fetal heart signal to the Remote Central Monitoring System in hospital through ordinary monitoring telephone to provide diagnosis for doctors, enjoying the hospital experts¡¯ diagnostic services at home.
--f) Can transmit the real-time sound of fetal heartbeat sounds to the computer saving for memory by specialized data lines
6.characters: small beautiful appearance, super aerodynamic design; strong ability of processing fetal heart sounds signals(much stronger than the third generation), invulnerable to outside interference: isolation of probe and host, small and humane design, which are more convenient to find the place of the fetal heart. The host embedded rock can achieve many people listen the fetal heart sounds at the same time instead of using the external accessories. The design of using LCD to show fetal heart rate makes reading the fetal heart rate more conveniently and getting rid of the troubles from manual calculation.

User Manual


Utrasound frequency : 3.3 MHz
Acoustic intensity: < 10mW/c©O
Peak negative pressure: <1 Mpa
Output beam intensity: <20mW/c©O
Dimension: 25cm X 24cm X 8cm