Epson Chip Resetter

Epson Chip Resetter
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Product Description


1) Compatible with the following Epson intelligent chip: T543100/T543200/T543300/T543400/T543500/T543600/T543700/T543800/T545100/T545200/T545300/T545400/T545500/T545600/T544100/T544200/T544300/T544400/T544500/T544600/T544700/T544800/T5449011/T502011/T501011/T500011/T504011/T503011/T511011/T514011/T513011/T512011/T512011/T516011/T515011

2) Compatible with the following Epson Printers: Epson Stylus Pro 4800/7800/7600/9600/10000//10600 etc

Recommend EE-101 refill ink resetting system, main oriented erase data of chip IC on the Large-Format inkjet Epson printers, and then reset the chip on the cartridge into a full mode. So empty cartridge can be reused after refilling. It will save up to 90%. MT-388 refill ink resetting system is versatile. It can automatically identify the type of ink cartridge and reset chip on the cartridge into a full mode. In the meantime does not change the property of cartridge.

1) Align the chip to the correct notch on the reset unit so that the chip contacts and the pins on the resetter meet.
2) Keep the two units in firm contact. If the red light is blanking, it shows the two units contact well.
3) If the red light turns to green, it shows the reset operation is successful.
4) Cartridge is now ready for refilling with ink.

Trouble Shooting:
1) After the red LED flash, it stays on and doesn't turn green;
a) The pins on the resetter are not in good contact with the chip on the cartridge or maintenance tank. The contact may be dirty or oily.
b) If the ink cartridge is not an original Epson brand ink cartridge, the chip may be not compatible with the resetter.
c) If the ink cartridge is an original Epson brand ink cartridge, the chip may be burned out or Epson may have changed the chip design. But MT388 still can work with this kind of ink cartridge to fulfill the level, only the green light won't shine, the red LED does.

2) The printing quality is not good;
a) The quality of the ink you are using may be inferior. We recommend using inks that specifically match to Epson's original colors and other characteristics(Especially if you are printing digital photographs)
b) Air bubbles entrapped in ink. To avoid this, inject the ink slowly. Also allow the cartridge to rest for 24 hours with the ink exit nozzles facing down before use.